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Queen Beeatrice and the Worker Bees

(available throughout the year)

Queen Beeatrice  is on a royal visit with her two beautiful worker bees. She will knight the  common grubs she meets with her flower staff, and grace any event with her presence. 

Suitable for: 


Street theatre, 

Meet and greets. 

Private events. 

Summer fates. 

Available as a two or three performer act. 

upto 3 x 30 minute walkabout sets per day. 

for more info and prices: 


Captain parrot and his ship of stories
(available all year)

Captain parrot.jpg

“Captain parrot has got a his hands on a brand new ship, and he needs a crew!

Join him on his adventure to find treasure, with stories, songs and plenty of audience interaction!”

This static 30 minute storytelling show features songs, puppetry and even one or two games with the audience. Its perfect for Festival settings, as part of a wider street theatre show. It can take place both indoors and outdoors (weather depending!) It can take place upto 3 times per day. the show is technically self sufficient- so no extra technician would be required. 

for more info and prices 

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